Three runners-up will each win a signed copy of Gill’s latest book “Pip and the paw of friendship” and a special Pet Protectors goodie bag.

Our runner’s up are …

Elleanore Phillips age 8  elleanore

Kerenza Baily age 12 kerenza

Melissa O’Mara age 13 melissa

To read their stories click on the links next to their names.


Do you love reading animal stories? We want to find out who your favourite animal authors are – please let us know by emailing


The van was going fast, much too fast. It sprayed us with water as it sped along the wet road. “Crazy driver!” I yelled, wiping the spattered mud from my face. I don’t know what his hurry was, but I reckon he must’ve been doing at least sixty miles an hour because he took the corner, tipping dangerously on two wheels. That’s when it happened. The back doors of the van swung open and a wooden crate tumbled out. It hit the ground and rolled over and over, down a steep bank and out of sight. I don’t think the driver even noticed. He swerved round the corner and was gone, leaving exhaust fumes and silence in the air. “Come on,” I pulled my friend along with me. We scrambled down through brambles and nettles to find the crate. The wooden panels had spilt open and the crate was empty. One splintered panel read THIS WAY UP. LIVE ANIMAL. The I saw it watching me, half hidden by the undergrowth. I held my breath. I’d never seen one before, not in real life anyway. I’d only ever seen one on nature documentaries on TV. So what was one doing here and where was it being taken by the van? I could feel my friend grip tightly on my arm. “What are we going to do?”



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