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Pet Protectors                                                           Non-members

Under 10s                                                                                                           One age category




1st Prize – The overall winner across all age categories will win a VIP tour of one of our Pet Hospitals, a framed print of their winning entry and a photo shoot with their pet, plus an Action Video Camera.

*Photo shoot kindly provided by Venture Studios

The winner of each Pet Protector's age category will win a framed picture of their entry.

The non-member winner will recieve a framed picture of their entry and one year's subscription to Pet Protectors.


How to Enter

Send in your best photo to with your full name, date of birth and membership number (if you’re a Pet Protector so we can award you your points!). Please put ‘Pet photo competition 2017’ in the subject heading.

Remember! Photos must be of a high quality for us to use them, so take them at 12 mega-pixel – fine setting on digital cameras or higher. Please send in JPEG format. We can only accept photos sent in to the above email address.


We must receive your photos before 8 September 2017.


Ferne Corrigan
Ferne Corrigan

Celebrity judge!

This year, TV presenter, Ferne Corrigan is going to be choosing the winners!

Ferne is a wildlife researcher and presenter, and has a Science degree in Zoology/Animal Biology. She presents ‘My Pet and Me’ on CBeebies and produces her own wildlife films.

‘I’m very very excited to be a judge this year! I can't wait to see all the fantastic photos and I know picking a winner will be really tough! Good luck!’

2016 winner
William and the winning photo of his dog, Buddy

Check out last year's winner, William

2016 winner, William and the winning photo of his dog, Buddy

William said, ‘I was over the moon to win last year’s photo competition. The prizes were fantastic, especially my framed pic of Buddy.’


William’s top tips for taking a winning shot


·         Choose a sunny day and think about going outdoors to get the perfect shot

·         Show your pets having fun and doing their favourite things

·         Wait until your pet is relaxed and happy, don&39;t try and make them pose

The Rules

All photographs must be your own work

Prizes are non-exchangeable and we can’t offer a cash alternative

All entries must come with your name and date of birth and if you’re already a Pet Protector, your membership number

The judge’s decision is final

We can’t use any photos of pets wearing clothes, so please don’t send them

The competition is open to anyone under 16s, not just Pet Protectors

By entering, you’re agreeing that PDSA has the free use of your image for our use. It will only be used by PDSA and won’t ever be offered to any third parties. Please check that your parents/guardians are happy for your picture to be used in this way before you send it in


Freya Nixons Horse
Freya Nixon's horse
Bailey the dog
Macy Dugdale’s dog, Bailey



Annabelle Forses Hamster
Annabelle Forse’s hamster
Jamie the Cat
Eleanor Perry’s cat, Jamie
Tara the black labrador
Lisa Coomb’s dog, Tara

Why not get your friends to enter too?  - you’ll get an extra 300 Pet Protector points! Just ask your friend to give your name and membership number when they email their entry.

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