The PDSA Dickin Medal

The PDSA Dickin Medal has been awarded 63 times. Animals that have received the award include dogs, horses, pigeons and one brave cat.


Treo finds a bomb and gets a medal!

Brave military working dog, Treo, was awarded with the PDSA Dickin Medal for saving lives in Afghanistan.

A special ceremony was held at the Imperial War Museum in London, where PDSA Patron, HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy, KG, GCVO, presented Treo with his medal.

The Army recommended Treo for the Medal because he twice found bombs which had been hidden on roads often used by soldiers.

If he hadn’t sniffed out the bombs many soldiers and civilians could have been killed.

Well done Treo!

Lance Corporal Karen Yardley and labrador Sadie DM


Sadie was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal on 6 February 2007 along with her handler Lance Corporal Karen Yardley.

Sadie's job was to search for hidden weapons and explosives. After two attacks from the Taliban in the same area, Sadie and Karen were sent in to search for hidden bombs which might have been left. Sadie found an unexploded device hidden in a wall, set to go off when rescuers approached.  

Bomb disposal experts were able to disarm the bomb and no one was injured.

Thanks to Sadie and Karen, a lot of lives that day.

The PDSA Gold Medal

The Gold Medal has been awarded 18 times, and so far all of the recipients have been dogs.

PDSA gets nominations all year from people who think that an animal has been brave and even saved lives.

The act has to be supported by witness accounts, then the nomination gets passed to the PDSA Council, who decide which animals are awarded the Gold Medal.

Ghillie GM with his family


 One cold winter morning, Ghillie was enjoying a morning walk with Mary, his owner's elderly Mum. Suddenly Mary collapsed.

Ghillie wasted no time and ran for help. His barking drew the attention of some engineers working nearby. They followed Ghillie and found Mary lying unconscious.

Mary was taken to hospital and, happily, she made a full recovery. 

Ghillie’s determination to raise the alarm saved Mary's life, and for this he was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal.


Endal the hero!

Endal was the Canine Partner of Allen Parton, a Gulf War veteran. Endal was Allen's assistance dog, trained to help him with tasks around the house and when out and about. Endal could even use a cash machine!

But one night, Endal went beyond his training and saved Allen's life when he was was knocked out of his wheelchair by a car.

Allen was unconscious on the freezing ground, but Endal stayed with him, rolled him into the recovery position, and pulled a blanket over him to keep him warm. He even nudged Allen's mobile phone next to his ear!

Only when Allen regained consciousness, did Endal leave his side and race to get help, saving his owner's life.

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