The Great Rabbit Rescue cover

The Great Rabbit Rescue

Joe has gone to live with his dad, leaving behind his beloved pet rabbit. Anna and Suzanne try to look after it for him, but when the rabbit becomes ill, they're convinced it's because it's missing Joe.  Now Joe is sick too. The girls are certain that Joe and the rabbit will die unless they are reunited soon ... But can Anna and Suzanne pull of The Great Rabbit Rescue in time?

This sequel to The Great Hamster Massacre is hilarious and not to be missed!

Dewey book cover

Dewey - The true story of a world famous library cat

At only a few weeks old, on the coldest night of the year, Dewey was stuffed into the returned book slot at the Spencer Public Library. The next morning librarian, Vicki Myron, finds him and nurses him back to health, deciding then and there that he would become the library's official pet!

Dewey soon learns to love his new home, spending each day spreading his own special brand of love to those that enter the library and winning the hearts of everyone around him.

Don't miss the full-colour pictures of Dewey inside!

Jane Bond, Spylet on Ice

Jane Blonde, Spylet on Ice by Jill Marshall

This is Jane Blonde's coolest adventure yet! Janey is off to hone her Spylet skills at SPIcamp.

Then the team is whisked off to investigate suspicious activity at the South Pole, and Janey comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, Copernicus.

He has discovered a precious mineral at the earth’s core – and he longs to possess it . . . Jane Blonde (helped by a robotic penguin called Spudnik) is our planet’s only hope!


Wilma Tenderfoot

Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Frozen Hearts by Emma Kennedy 

Wilma Tenderfoot dreams of one day becoming assistant to the world-famous and very serious detective Theodore P. Goodman.

But when Wilma finally meets him, she discovers that the last thing Mr Goodman wants is a small and terrifically accident-prone sidekick – especially one with an over-friendly pet beagle called Pickle who insists on eating all the clues.

Still, as Theodore P. Goodman soon realises, Wilma Tenderfoot may be small – but she’s also very, very determined.

Molly Moon

Molly Moon, Micky Minus & The Mind Machine, by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon is not the type of girl anyone would look twice at but she just happens to be a world-class hypnotist!

On a mission to bring her long-lost twin, Micky, home, Molly is faced with the daunting fact that he could be anywhere … in any TIME!

Luckily Molly’s time-travel talents help her in her search, until a baby-faced villain with a precocious plan to have the world’s largest brain gets in her way


The Cat who decided

The Cat Who Decided by Margaret Forrester

Why does nobody want the mixter-maxter kitten? The stripey little cat is on a journey. He is sent from the farm to the city and passed from owner to owner.

No one seems to love him for just being him. Will he ever find someone to love him for always?

We have 5 copies of The Cat Who Decided to give away! Visit our fun and games page to find out more!


Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill - Heart of Gold by Lauren Brook

Chestnut Hill is a boarding school where riding is every girl's favourite subject and loving horses puts you at the top of the class.

When a pony is injured at the school, Honey devotes herself to looking after it.

Her friends don't understand why helping the pony is so important to her, but Honey is keeping a secret close to her heart.


The Lonely Chick

The Lonely Chick by Sylvia Green

Archie is a chick hatched out by a duck and he can’t find anyone else on the lake who looks like him.

It’s so lonely being the odd one out. Poppy knows exactly how he feels – her parents are too busy to see how much she is missing their old home.

But when the future of her home comes under threat, Poppy realises that she doesn’t want to leave. And its then that Archie the little chick makes a big discovery …


Pony Pals

Pony Pals - A Pony in Trouble by Jeanne Betancourt

Pam’s father is a vet, so she is used to being around sick animals.

But when her pony falls ill, nobody knows what’s wrong.

Her Pony Pals Anna and Lulu are worried that lightning won’t get better.

Can they solve the mystery of the poorly pony in time?


Rat Heaven

Rat Heaven by Jeanne Willis

Freddie is a pet rat. He belongs to a girl who is growing up – she’s already swapped her teddy bears and family days out for trendy gear and a brilliant new best friend.

But what about Freddie? He used to be her best friend. How could she break her promise?

Where will a lonely little rat fit into this cool new life?


Magic Pony Carousel

Magic Pony Carousel: Brightheart by Poppy Shire

Amy can’t wait to ride on the Magical Carousel and picks Brightheart, the medieval princess’s pony.

As the carousel spins faster and faster, the fairground disappears in a shower of silver sparkles and Amy is transported back in time to a jousting tournament!

She meets hopeless Prince Henry, whose skills with a lance are pretty lame – can Amy and Brightheart help Henry win his jousting bout against all odds?


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