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  • PDSA is the UK's leading veterinary charity. This means that we treat sick and injured pets, but rely on donations and public support to run our veterinary services.
  • PDSA cares for the pets of people who can't afford the services of a private vet.
  • The charity treats more than 8,800 sick and injured animals every working day and helps pet owners learn about responsible pet care.
  • This year we will provide more than 2 million free treatments to sick and injured pets!
  • It will cost more than £53 million to provide treatments for sick and injured pets.

How does PDSA treat so many pets?

  • PDSA is entirely funded by support from the public.
  • PDSA can treat these sick and injured animals because of kind donations from the public and the volunteers and customers in our stores. 

How can I help PDSA?


Maria Dickin

PDSA History

  • PDSA began on 17 November 1917 and was started by a fantastic lady called Maria Dickin.
  • People used to use animals to help them earn a living, if their animal became ill then they could not earn any money.
  • It was too expensive to get their animals treated by a vet, so their animals would suffer and people could not earn any money.
  • So Maria Dickin started PDSA to help the sick and injured animals of people in need.
  • Today PDSA helps the sick and injured animals of people in need, treating pets rather than working animals.


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Discover what it's
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Pet E.R.

PDSA treats over 8,800
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pets every day.

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Animal Bravery

Read about hero animals who have been awarded
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