Guinea pigs outside

PDSA pet care tips for guinea pigs

Here’s a quick check list of things I need:

  • A large, clean weatherproof home that can be moved indoors when it gets cold
  • Cosy, clean bedding, such as hay or straw
  • Plenty of hay to eat everyday, I also like guinea pig nuggets and washed fruit and vegetables
  • Plenty of fresh drinking water from a clean bottle 
  • A large exercise run on a safe, grassy area
  • Company from another guinea pig of the same sex – I don't like to be kept on my own. Remember not to keep me with rabbits as we can bully each other
  • A gnawing block to wear my teeth down
  • A brush to groom my coat if I'm long-haired
  • Toys, like tubes and shelters, so I don’t get bored and can hide when I want to
  • Remember, to gently handle me from a young age so I can get used to people 


  •  A vet to treat me if I am sick or injured



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Below is a video that shows PDSA vet, James, speaking about some of the things you should consider before getting a new pet. Having a pet is a big responsibility and he says that pets like dogs, cats and rabbits should all be vaccinated, neutered and insured. He says that pets need our time and love, with time spent playing and exercising them every day, and that anyone thinking about getting a pet also needs to fully consider all the costs that will be involved.


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