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yorkshire terrier

Mitsy was struggling to breathe

Mitsy was struggling to breathe and was rushed to a pdsa hospital

white cat with ears stitched by vet

Bobby the cat had skin cancer

Bobby the cat had the tips of his ears removed by pdsa vets because he had skin cancer

Ragdoll cat

Oscar ate some deadly lilies

Read about how PDSA vets saved Oscar after he ate some poisonous flowers

black and white cat

Felix got his head stuck in a can

Playful Felix was going through the recycling bins when he got his head stuck in a can

beagle dog in field


Beagle pup Jessie gobbled up three chocolate Easter eggs

head shot of a weimaraner


Jake the seven-year-old Weimaraner wolfed down some sausages whole and swallowed too much air at the same time.

dog with a minion toy

Chase ate something that he shouldn't have

Hungry pooch Chase gobbled down a chocolate egg with a plastic Minion toy in it.

black and white cat

Pet E.R. - Charlie

Poor Charlie got hit by a double decker bus. Read about how PDSA vets saved him.

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