Pet Protectors certificates

Club award levels

These are the levels you work through and the number of points you have to gain to receive your award:

  1. Pickles - 500 points
  2. Dodger - 1,500 points
  3. Sparky - 3,500 points
  4. Amber - 6,000 points
  5. Supervet - 10,000 points


We also present two very special awards each year - Young Fundraiser of the Year and Pet Protector of the Year.

The Pet Protectors year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

The title of Pet Protector of the Year is awarded to the member who has collected the most points in those 12 months.

The title of Young Fundraiser of the Year is awarded to the member who has raised the most money to help PDSA in those 12 months.

Girl with cheque and girl with stamps
Rebecca and Emily

The results are in!


Our Pet Protector of the Year 2017 is Rebecca Pritchard. Well done Rebecca! Rebecca collected thousands of used stamps, as well as donating hundreds of items to her local PDSA shop. She also encouraged all of her friends to enter the 2017 Photo Competition and invited a few of them to join the Pet Protectors club.


Our Fundraiser of the Year 2017 is Emily Gould. Emily raised almost £1000 doing a variety of events in her local community and even completed a sponsored event where she had to walk 10,000 steps a day for an entire month! She also helped a local school organise a pet club and raised money on our behalf. Awesome job Emily!

Pet Protectors Rose and Maya raising money for PDSA

Pet Protectors Leader Board

Fundraiser of the Year - 2017 final list

  • Emily Gould
  • Lilah Bachram
  • Kerstin Da Costa
  • Gracia Kerr Pepper
  • Sophie Leach
  • Maddy Hafferty
  • Ashleigh Alsbury
  • Katherine Withers
  • Katie Louise Willey
  • Ella Hoey


Pet Protector of the Year - 2017 final list

  • Rebecca Pritchard
  • Emily Gould
  • Chloe Bright
  • Nancy Harvey-Noble
  • Summer Louise Mander
  • Sophie Leach
  • Abigal Joseph
  • Oscar Archer
  • Lilah Bachram
  • Millie Smith


Kids fundraising
You could hold a fundraising party

How to earn points!

You earn points by doing anything to help PDSA, and there are load of ways you can do this. Here are a few ideas...

750 - Get a friend to join Pet Protectors 

500 - Get your teacher or group leader to run a Pet Club

400 - Get your school or group to book a PDSA talk

300 - Organise a fundraising event or party

300 - Enter the writing, art or photo competition

250 - Make something from the magazine and send us a pic

200 - Take part in a sponsored event

200 - Create your own Pet Protector blog

200 - Make a video about PDSA or the Pet Protectors Club

100 - Give a talk about PDSA

50 - Like the PDSA Facebook page

50 - Follow us on Twitter

50 - Design and display a Pet Protectors poster

50 - Collect and send in 100 used stamps

50 - Send in your Profile for Animal Antics magazine

20 - Send in photo, drawing, poem or page of animal jokes

20 - Every £1 raised for PDSA

20 - Enter a competition

20 - Send in your collection box money

10 - Send in a letter

10 - Donate an item to a PDSA shop

10 - Every £1 spent in a PDSA shop

Remember to tell us everything you've been doing so we can add your points!

Download a Pet Protectors Points Poster

Download a poster

Why don't you download our posters with ideas of how you can earn points to print out and keep at home?

Just click on the links below to print out your copy.

Poster 1 (PDF - 2.64 MB)

Poster 2 (PDF - 2.86 MB)

Get Acrobat Reader There are 2 links on this page which are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  In order to view them you will need the free Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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